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How to remove JARGON.VBS

Published on October 1st, 2009 | by sylv3rblade


I’ve encountered this virus/malware the other day and while it was fairly easy to remove, I thought it would be useful to provide instructions on how to remove jargon.vbs. A quick search on GOOG turned out several useless results (okay, a lot of useless results) so I thought of doing my part to help.

Here’s how you can remove JARGON.VBS from your computer and your infected flash drives.

  • Download: Flash Disinfector | Mirror
  • Run the Flash_Disinfector.exe. Explorer will close (your desktop will disappear leaving you with windows of currently running programs) and restart. This will have stopped the script.
  • Now you’ll have to delete the malware files so your system won’t get infected again, to do this you need to display hidden files.
    • Open My Computer.
    • Select the Tools menu and click Folder Options.
    • Select the View Tab.
    • Under the Hidden files and folders heading unselect Do not show hidden files and folders.
    • Browse your flash drive (DON’T CLICK AUTOPLAY or you’ll run the malware again) and remove the following files:
    • autorun.inf

      Repeat this step for all infected drives. 

    • Go to C:/Windows and delete
    • jargon.vbs
  • Congratulations, you’ve removed that annoying malware

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27 Responses to How to remove JARGON.VBS

  1. Mike says:

    Wow.. Cool!. Now it solves my problem. Thank you very much..

  2. JP says:

    Can I do the procedure without plugging in a flashdrive? The problem mainly lies on the computer.

  3. Ally says:

    I have an Ibook G4, I got this virus from an infected UBS stick. I am gathering the process might be different for disinfecting a mac. Could you or someone tell me what to do? This is my first virus in the whole time I have had it which is five years šŸ™

  4. zidane02 says:

    Great!! It successfully removed the annoying virus.. bye jargon, go to hell!! You’re the man sir, thanks for this.

    • Sir Henry says:

      It really works, Thank you very much. I had 3 USB-Stick and all were infected. But I did it the way you instructing us and all are gone now šŸ™‚

      Sir Henry

  5. Calvin says:

    Excellent this was so annoying; you came up first on the Google search. I have tried to remove this file with other anti-virus programs however they did not get rid of the reoccurrences. Thank you very much.

  6. Cole says:! Thank you for this post!

  7. Paul says:

    Hi! It did remove the jargon.vbs from my pc but now i’m getting a windows script host error that says “cannot find C:\Windows\jargon.vbs” during start up. How can I fix this error? How can I totally remove this kind of error without having to tinker with the msconfig? Thanks a lot.

  8. Bob says:

    go to run, type msconfig; you get advanced startup options in that dialog, especially in the startup tab – you can pick exactly what runs on startup there.

  9. wena says:

    tnx a lot. it solved my problem…

  10. prashanth says:


  11. nmc says:

    Thanks a lot!!! It finally solved the problem.

  12. jenn says:

    i followed the steps.. problem is i can’t find the files that must be deleted..

  13. ABIGAIL says:

    why i can’t remove the jargon.vbs on my computer??.. i did what you’ve said but it still there…. one thing i can’t understand is.. how to delete the jargon.vbs on C:\WINDOWS?? i can’t find the jargon on C:\WINDOWS??

  14. ABIGAIL says:

    BOB: what is the purpose of the startup config on removing the jargon.vbs??

  15. Trans says:

    almost i did all the procedure but the jargon filename is not appearing it appears only the infected files that i removed….. how i removed totally the script jargon it continues appearing to my laptop…?? bob pleas help me….

  16. rommel says:

    thanks very much, problem solve.

  17. jaycee_01 says:

    Flash Disinfector did not work for me. what i did is i open the registry editor then browse on the following keys.

    – HKEY_Local_Machine\Micorsoft\windows\CurrentVersion\Run

    you will see there a registry key named “auToMe”.
    delete it. then open the following:
    – My Computer\Tools(on the menu)\Folder Options\View Tab
    – check the Show Hidden Files and uncheck the Hide Protected System Files

    then open My Computer\C:\Windwos
    – look for the jargon file then delete it.

    for infected Flash Drives, do the following after inserting your Flash Drive’s on the USB port:
    – open run
    – type cmd the press enter
    – type the directory path of the flash drive (example: E:) then enter
    – type this: dir /a:h
    – if you see th following:
    – jargon.vbs
    – Autorun.inf
    – delete this files by typing this:
    – del /f/a jargon.vbs
    – del /f/a autorun.inf
    – remove your flash drive without safety remove. then plug it in again. repeat the steps of openning thew command prompt and typing the “dir/a:h” command. i hope this will help you guys. tnx

  18. markee says:

    thanks a lot its working…godbless

  19. Jeff says:

    thanks, it sure helped a lot. but i cant see the jargon file in windows folder.

    • sylv3rblade says:

      Have you tried ticking the View hidden files and folders in the Folder Options menu?

  20. jessmer says:

    tnx man hope it works!

  21. Mattez Panesar says:

    wow its cool
    thanks very much……………………….

  22. Yano Chua says:

    thanks man,it really works in just a few times.

  23. tom dela cruz says:

    I also followed your step but after run the disinfentor the windows says Windows cannot find ‘nircmd’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the star button, and then click search. So i tried to search the said file but no result for this file. My disinfector was failed what should i do?

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