Fake Security Suite in the wild

A fake version of Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), Redmond's free antivirus program is quietly spreading under the guise of the original's brand recognition.  The rogue "antivirus" software is called Security Essentials 2010. Read More

Intel unveils 6-core i7-980X Gulftown

6 Cores, 12 threads and a thousand dollar price, that's Intel's latest flagship processor, the i7-980X. Unveiled at the Game Developers Conference, Intel previewed it's latest Core i7-980X Extreme Edition processor, the fastest single chip…

Nokia C5: A smartphone for cheap

Nokia is targeting budget conscious consumers with it's C-Series line.  First up the plat is the Nokia C5, a smartphone powered by the S60 platform without the exorbitant price. Read More